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The Floating Piano

By: Justin Abrams

Welcome aboard The Floating Piano. I offer you a trilogy of stories, photos and a double musical album, to share my journey as a musician on cruise ships while traveling around the world.

I hope you enjoy my stories of people, places and experiences along with beautiful photography and music with your choice of easy listening or dancing to the beat.

I admit, this project was initially created out of the pursuit of love for a woman, but it turned into something much more. My hope with this unique combination of writing, photography and music, is to help inspire others to follow their passions and dreams. I have been very fortunate to follow mine, and I want to encourage people to explore the world any way they can. I also want to offer tips for a positive cruise experience for both the passengers and the crew.


The book provides insight into the inspiration behind most of the music. The first album is an upbeat, dance rhythm production with my band, Beyond Conception, titled The Floating Piano. The second album, The Floating Piano Pt. II, is an easy-listening, instrumental, solo piano experience, designed to help you relax and imagine the gentle feeling of being on a cruise ship during a calm day at sea.

Part of the proceeds from this book will be contributed to a nonprofit organization I strongly support called Operation Once in a Lifetime. They provide help and financial relief to veterans and their families when in need. You can read more about my experience with them in Chapter #4. Visit their website at:




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